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Cancer Patients Recipients

Our Continuing Drive to Help Cancer Patients undergo medical treatments have resulted to the full recovery of some of our indigent patients and some are still fighting for their lives in various Government Hospitals. Below are the patients who benefitted from our Free medical and financial Help.

Patient Names:
FullName Diagnosis Treament Remarks
1 Yolanda Pilar Breast Cancer Four cycles of Chemotherapy Survivor
2 Jose Christian Abelada Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
3 Andrea Abunda Endometrial Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
4 Nelson Matuguina Rectal Cancer Adjuvant Chemotherapy Survivor
5 Ronnie Tulio Rectal Carcinoma Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
6 Lorlyn Villapondo Gastric Cancer SP Colostomy Chemotherapy Surivivor
7 Antonio Esperanza Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Chemothery Critical
8 Maria Theresa Baniquet Breast Cancer Chemothery Survivor
9 Esmelinda Roa Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
10 Carmelita Fuchs Squamous Cell Carcinoma Chemotherapy Survivor
11 Janet Rivera Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
12 Analiza Ramirez Acute LymphoBlastic Leukemia Chemotherapy Critical
13 Edna Cortez Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Survivor
14 Celso Abion NP Carcinoma Chemotherapy Survivor
15 Lilia Sierra Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Chemotherapy Recurrence

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