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Calamity Drives


Natural disasters in the Philippines are commonplace. It naturally strikes anytime and anyplace. Though, disaster preparedness campaign is everywhere, we are inevitably victimized by typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because our country is situated where there are active volcanoes and fault lines.

Whenever disaster happens, The LOUIE JACINTO FOUNDATION INC. immediately reaches out the disaster-stricken areas and quickly rescues the affected families by distributing relief goods, along with medicines and other health care.


Agile and aggressive volunteers of LOUIE JACINTO FOUNDATION INC are responsible for the relief operation. They pack the goods and distribute to the victims of the calamities the soonest possible time. Goods such as food items (noodles, sardines, rice, milk, coffee,etc.) toiletries such as soap, shampoos and toothpaste) clothing and other necessities like sleeping mats, blankets and clothes are delivered at once. Moreover, the workers of the foundation engage feedings to the victims.

Hardworking volunteers never cease to help and support the needy. With the support of the LOUIE JACINTO FOUNDATION INC, we immediately respond to the call for help whether natural or man-made disaster.


Since one of the components of outreach programs of LOUIE JACINTO FOUNDATION INC.  is rehabilitation, the foundation unfailingly supports and provides assistance to the victims by providing them livelihood programs to help them move on after the devastation of their properties. Apart from it, we also help rebuild or reconstruct the damaged houses.

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