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Medical Assistance

Health Care for people in the poverty bracket living in the Philippines does not arrive in their homes due to lack of employment and the inability to acquire medical insurance.  

Indigent Filipino people struck with diseases that require hospital admission and long time treatment does not have the means to support themselves The Louie Jacinto Foundation aims at giving free medical treatment, surgery, vocational training and income generating projects

Who are qualified to avail of Medical Assistance

Any indigent person of any age living in the Philippines with income under the poverty level as layed down by the government or any income that deemed to be impossible to support the hospitalization and treatment of patients' illness are qualified to get free medical assistance

How to get Medical Assistance

Patients who intend to get medical assistance shall submit their proof of income. In case of no proof or income due to non-employment, You can submit a barangay certification attesting that you indeed belong to the indigemt person in your barangay

How do we find patients for Medical Assistance

Louie Jacinto Foundation mobilizes its social workers to the poorest barangays in Metro Manila to check for patients who are suffering from tumors and those who are diagnosed to have cancers that needs urgent medical assistance

We also engage the Department of Social Welfare and Developments (DSWD)  as well as different Public Hospitals in the Philippines such as PGH, Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital and others for recommendation of patients needing urgent medical assistance

How do we give the necessary medical and financial assistance to the patiets

We give Financial help to patients by giving tnem checks payable to the Hospital Billing department where they are confined as well as giving them free medicines for the treatment of their illness untill they are discharged in the hospital and until they are fully recovered.

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