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What We do

Louie Jacinto Foundation is bringing hope to less priviledged people suffering from dreaded diseases requiring long-term medication e.g. cancer and needing major operations. The help from the foundation will be given by way of Medical and Financial undertakings.

Patients will be given assistance from the time they are admitted to the hospital until  they are discharged. In case of patients needing post-treatment care at home, the help will be extended to ensure their full recovery.

The Foundation is alsp committed in providing help by giving and distributing  relief goods to the victims of Typhoons, floods and Fire that devastate their homes and their lives as well as securing them by providing shelter from the time they were victimized by natural calamities.

In addition to,  we conduct Free Livelihood Training Programs for urban poor families to make them become more productive member of the community. The skills learned from our training programs can be used to setup their own business and they will eventually become an enterpreneur.

And Finally, we provide feeding programs to children in the impoverish area in Greater Metro Manila

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